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Cracovia - Zagłębie Lubin, Results, Competition and Coverage - PKO BP Extraclassa

Cracovia – Zagłębie Lubin, Results, Competition and Coverage – PKO BP Extraclassa

Cracovia coach Jacek Zieliński announced that his players would like to redeem themselves from the final defeat with Warta Poznań and the hosts were eager to play from the start.

The beginning is only enjoyable

“Passy” took the lead in the 8th minute. Colonel Raba crossed from the right, the ball was headed in by John Chancellor, but he did it unfortunately, Kamil Pestka caught her and he did not give a chance to Dominic Halladun with a volley shot.

At that time the game was less interesting.

The guests tried to make up for the loss but could not create a goal opportunity. Croatia was very close to increasing the presence.

Source: PAP Kamil Pestka (right) became the hero of Krakow

In the 35th minute, Rafa passed to Rivaldino, but the Brazilian’s shot was blocked by Bartos Copax in the last minute. Three minutes later, Hładun made an excellent intervention, saving Carol Knapp’s shot from a few meters.

After the break, Lublin residents attacked very bravely. In the 54th minute, David Japlonsky blocked a shot from Lucas Shakomi. A few minutes later, Gugbar Sodina sent the ball over the bar. In the 67th minute after the break, Krakow revealed a dangerous game. Hanka went to the rapper, but Haladun defended his foot shot.

Source: PAP / TVN24 Krovovia defeated Jaklebi 1-0

In the end, Jacqueline’s defense could not be surprised, as she cleverly defended herself and won a well – deserved victory. Thanks to this, the “belts” practically defended themselves in the top league. Zagłębie, on the other hand, will have to fight to secure his presence in the league in the next few games.

After this victory, Croatia is in eighth place with 38 points. Zagłębie, with its 31 “points”, was pushed to 16th.

Krakow – KGHM Zagłębie Lubin 1: 0 (1: 0).

Goal: Kamil Pestka (8).

Judge: Paweł Malec (dź). Visitors: 5,549.

Krakow: Lucas Hroso – David Japlonsky, Modage Rodin, Virgil Gita – Colonel Raba, Carol Knapp (69. Jack Mysor), Matthias Hebo Rasmussen, Kamil Festka (81. Michael Chiplock) – Juan Gonoblias (69.). Kagabatse), Sergio Hanka (76. Belle von Amersford).

KGHM Zagłębie Lubin: Dominic Huladon – Cockpar Sodina, Bardos Kobax, John Chancellor, Sasa Balik – Lucas Boriba (63. Tomas Pioco), Jacques Zubrowski – Eric Daniel (71. Philip Storsyowski), Łakuxyński (8.7.7). . Patrick Siss).

Author: Stroke
Source:, PAP

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