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Lam Lewandowski compared Holland.  "Only Bayern can help Norwegians" Pika none

Lam Lewandowski compared Holland. “Only Bayern can help Norwegians” Pika none

Polish national team forward Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich and Erling Brad Holland (Borussia Dortmund) are the two best attacking players in the Bundesliga. The media continues to report interest in them by top European clubs. Lewandowski was often linked with a move to Barcelona and Holland to Manchester City.

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Lewandowski is still ahead of Holland

The Pole has scored 32 goals this season, and Holland has scored less than fourteen. However, Lewandowski has played more matches this season (30 against 20 competitors) because Norway have lost ten games due to injury. Former Germany and Bayern Munich’s legendary Peacock, Philip Lam, has compared the two strikers. According to him, Robert Lewandowski is the best striker.

– Both will always be hungry for goals. Holland is a little more active and Robert is fine gra Body, an amazing shot, left and right leg and head. A little further ahead than Holland. Robert has been playing well for over ten years, scoring a number of goals in the Bundesliga and becoming the FIFA Player of the Year. Holland must first prove it for ten years Lam admitted in an interview with “Super Express” that he can play at this level.

According to Lam, Hollande will stay in the Bundesliga and move to Bayern Munich.

– Robert Karim is compared to Benzema or Cristiano Ronaldo, he still plays at a higher level. Holland must first confirm its brand name. I hope this can be further developed in Dortmund. However, he could take the next step in the Bundesliga like Robert Lewandowski in Dortmund. According to Byrne only – Lam added.

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What does he think about transferring Lewandowski to Barcelona? – I do not know what will happen, but Bayern and Robert Lewandowski are going together. Pole has always been the most important person in this club, and still is – says Lam.

In recent days, Herbert Heiner, the leader of Bayern Munich, in an interview with “Bild” promised that talks with Lewandowski on a new contract had begun. – Lewandowski had an interview. As far as I know, a second was planned, ‘Heiner agreed.

The new goalkeeper of the Polish national team?  Michniewicz on the track.  In New YorkThe new goalkeeper of the Polish national team? Michniewicz on the track. In New York

Bayern Munich lead the Bundesliga after 30 matches. He is nine points ahead of runner-up-Borussia Dortmund. The next round will see the two teams face off in Munich on April 23.