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Czech Prime Minister: ‘You have not done anything illegal or wrong’

Andrej Babis has been Czech Prime Minister since 2017, and he is one of the country’s richest people.

Head to the polls to fight tax crimes and corruption. It now displays the documents that have arrived Pandora’s Big Leak How Babiš used a chain of mailbox companies to secretly purchase several properties, including a castle on the French Riviera near Cannes.

In violation of Czech rules for elected politicians, the prime minister did not report businesses or property.

Money is taxed

Despite repeated attempts by journalists, he previously chose not to comment on the information. However, he did Twitters It is all an attempt to influence public opinion before the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“I’ve never done anything illegal or wrong,” he continues.

In a televised debate against his political opponents, André Papis responded to the allegations:

– Let me say this, this is important. The money was sent from a Czech bank, the money was taxed, my money was and they went back to the Czech Republic.

Parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic take place on Friday and Saturday.

Hundreds of civil servants

In all, there are 35 active or former heads of state and government identified in the infusion, more than 330 government officials from 91 countries and more than 130 billionaires, including from Russia, India and the United States.

Environmental criminals, wanted persons and people belonging to the mafia have also been found in Banduralakan.

She also has a homework review I selected just over 200 Swedes.

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See when he faces the Czech Prime Minister. The King of Jordan also appears in Pandora Leak. Photo: TT/SVT