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Daisy Beauty |  Isabella Loewengrip

Daisy Beauty | Isabella Loewengrip

I’ve been at work eleven hours a day nonstop, so I’m pretty exhausted. At home, there was a lot of rehearsal for the kids – picking up and dropping off the kids and having dinner, so I was a little worried Paul might forget something. But I’ve learned not to call and “check/remind” because he gets used to it after that. Better to hand over the responsibility entirely instead.

Of course everything worked fine.

After all, we live in an extra family and so it can be a little tricky as to how we divide the responsibilities and who pays for the kids. Does it fall on me to master plan the kids? Should I pay everything or should Paul also pay because we all live together?

Without thinking about it, I’m the one who “runs the house”. I make sure the towels in my schoolbag are washed, and I plan dinners so that there are always enough and more if friends come over. So, I never buy four pieces of salmon, I buy two. Little things like this are always in your head. Yesterday I made twice as much dinner because I knew I’d be away tonight – then the guys can warm up.

In terms of finances, Paul pays half for the kids when it comes to food and travel. Now when we booked Japan, Paul took the children’s tickets. Paul made the entire trip to Thailand during the sports holiday. But, for example, if you need to buy new ski clothes, birthday presents, or class fees for the sport, it’s always me. So all daily expenses.

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I think it’s very even? I didn’t expect Paul to pay so much for the kids, so that’s very kind.

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A photo from today’s photoshoot for Daisy Beauty.

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The number is the birthday number you see 🙂

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And after six hours of filming, the rest of the day and evening were waiting for us here – Rosendal Park. I gave a lecture and participated in a company workshop. I would really go back there, looks like you can buy cut flowers in bulk?

Now I’m going to prepare for a meeting tomorrow, and then I’m going to bed as soon as I can. My goal is to get into bed at 9.30pm, and then I can read for a long time. Welfare!