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Deacon thinks he got a ‘compensation fine’

The French women’s team snatched a victory over Slovenia (2-3) in stoppage time on Tuesday, thanks to a penalty kick by Amal Magri. “Compensation” to Corinne Deacon, coach of the blue team, after the first unfavorable decision of her players.

The French women’s team was scared on Tuesday evening before the basics were presented. She beat the wire in Slovenia (2-3) during the 2023 World Cup qualifiers thanks to a penalty kick converted by Amal Majri in stoppage time (94th place). The French had conceded their net a few minutes before (2-2, 88) from a penalty kick from Captain Mattia Zephyr. A controversial decision by Corinne Deacon who believes that the decision given to her players at the end of the match was a way for the referee to compensate him.

“(After the tie) I tell myself there are still four minutes left to play, I tell the technician at the end of the meeting. I hesitated to make one last change but when I saw the girls’ attitude…there are the signs don’t be fooled. When you get the ball back like that, they They quickly advance towards the central circle to take the penalty shoot-out. I think there is no penalty against us, and the penalty for us is only compensation, that’s what the referee told the players.”

“Maybe before that I was on one side, the players on the other”

The former Claremont coach also praised the new unity of this team, which has been riven by conflicts in recent years. “They know I’m confident, adds Deacon. It also underscores the good atmosphere of the week. We have a common goal. Maybe before I’m on one side, and the players are on the other, today we’re moving together in the same direction.” Quite frankly, what they got in overtime, that proves something is true.”

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She concluded, “I would have preferred that we resorted earlier, make our actions concrete, but we will not always set the goals as we want. We need accuracy and efficiency. This evening we did not have that but we managed to get these three precious points in the race to qualify. For the World Cup. Winning the hard, it’s also good.”