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Gornik – Radomiac neighborhood report. Disaster in the defense of Radomiak, Gornik leads! [WYNIK, SKŁADY]

Author: Cyfra Sport
Gornik – Radomiac neighborhood report. Polish Cup Gornick Zabrze – Radomiak Radom

Gornik – Radomiac neighborhood report. Poland Cup: Górnik Zabrze – Radomiak Radom LIVE ONLINE RESULT, TODAYS. PP Górnik – Radomiak free online. One of the results of the 1/32 final of the Polish Cup in the 2021/2022 season is in front of us! On Wednesday, September 22nd, Gornik Zabrze will host another Ekstraklasa team, Radomiak Radom. The nominees are the hosts whose fans are counting on the good performance of Lukas Podolski. We invite you to live coverage on! Gornik – Radomiak RELATION LIVE. Poland Cup: Górnik – Radomiak LIVE online.

Gornick Zabrze – Radomiak Radom 1: 0 (1: 0)

Objectives: 39 ‘Tochevsky


Miner: Bielica – Szymański, Janicki, Gryszkiewicz, Pawłowski, Bainović, Mvondo, Cholewiak, Wojtuszek, Toshevski, Sanogo.

Radomiac: Kochalsky – Pogosh, Sichuki, Budziwich, Grodzinsky, Rondon, Matos, Karout, Radeky, Sokoch, Morides.

He lives

Górnik Cholewiak hit Radomiak’s penalty area, and Grudziński, trying to clear the ball, directed it towards his goal! The soccer ball danced on the goal line, veered off the post, Toshevsky lowered it and shot it into the net!

Gooooool! Minor leads! Disaster in defense of Radomiac!

Radomiak came out with a rebound, and Bogoch decided to shoot from the right flank of the penalty area, but the ball missed Gornik.

Another corner kick, but not paid this time.

Bogusz entered the penalty area from the right flank, hit, but was repelled. Moredes’ corner kick was very inaccurate.

Radomiak’s quick response, Maurice shot from about 16 meters, but also directly towards the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

Sanogo shot from outside the box, but directly at Kochalski.

how did that happen ?! Kochalski loses the ball in his penalty area, Sanogo catches it, but Radomiak’s defender kicks the ball off the goal line! After a while, Toshevski fired, but he was also banned! The miner must drive.

Zabrzanie certainly often on the ball and are trying to positional attack again.

Radomiak responded, but the ball was blocked and Gornik’s defenders cleared the ball.

Killer Tochevsky Box! Gornik plays great, the ball goes to Toshevski, who has only an empty goal in front of him, but moves the ball over the bar!

Something is not good for Radomiak in this match. This time a cross pass from the left flank, but it was also hit by the defenders Gurnick.

Another cross in the sixteen guests, but this time Kochalski intercepted the ball without any problems.

Radomiak’s cross into the penalty area, Gryszkiewicz closed the action on the far post, but missed Kochalski’s goal! One of Guernick’s best chances in this match so far.

Now Radomiak started the attack and Sokoch won another corner.

Radomiak managed to make one counterattack, but it did not end with a shot. The miner tries to control the ball and look for opportunities in the positioning attack.

Fortunately, Sanogo got up and could keep playing. The miner plays ball more than his competitors.

A fake stomped on Sanogo who needs medical intervention.

Weak cross, but the ball was left under the feet of the visiting players.

Sokó won with a corner kick to Radomiak from the right side of the field.

Cholewiak’s foul on Sokole, Radomiak’s free kick, but it was impossible to put the ball into the opponent’s area.

After a while, the guests handed the ball to the opponent’s 16th position above the top, but Rondo’s header missed the post by Gornick!

Now Radomiak approached Guernic’s penalty area, Thiago Matos started the ball, but did so too late.

Now the middle was better, Toshevsky was about to fire a shot but failed to direct the ball towards the goal. Górnik has an advantage from the very first moments of the encounter.

The first act of the hosts, but the throw from the right wing was broken by Bodzioch.

Grams! The miner starts from the inside.

Players are now coming to the field, we will start soon.

Both coaches have made a lot of changes compared to the last league games. Which substitute team will be better today?

We already know the composition of Gornik for this match – the biggest star of Zabrze, Lukas Podolsky, will start the match on the bench.

Welcome to our live coverage of the match Górnik Zabrze – Radomiak Radom as part of the 1/32 finals of the Polish Cup! The match starts at 14:30. stay with us

Although Górnik appears to be the favourite in this match, the results in Ekstraklasa do not indicate that the hosts are in better shape than their cup rivals. Both teams collected 10 points after 7 matches, although it is worth paying attention to the fact that they collect “eyes” in a completely different way. Radomiak lost only once in the league, but won twice and drew 4 times. Gurnick, in turn, won 3 times, but also had to admit that he outperformed his rivals many times and drew only once. Who will be better in cup competitions? The hosts definitely rely on their star, Lukas Podolsky. In the last league match, he appeared on the field in the second half, but did not score again, which is what the Guernica fans are looking forward to. Now Lukas Podolski can get another chance in the Polish Cup against Radomiak.