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Defamatory behavior of VOX FM journalists.  After the performance of Piknych i Modych, the mask with naronim was set on fire.  "He's going to drink alcohol"

Defamatory behavior of VOX FM journalists. After the performance of Piknych i Modych, the mask with naronim was set on fire. “He’s going to drink alcohol”

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Dawid Narożny was recently removed from the band Pikni i Modzi by his ex-wife Magda Narożna. Since then, the ex-spouses have been involved in a media dispute in which they have not left out unpleasant words to each other. Now the conflict has intensified and outsiders have intervened! The Beautiful and Young band went to the VOX FM studio, where an awkward situation occurred. The journalist who hosted the show burned the mask with the image of Naroni at a glance, and the smiling singer looked at everything. Dawid Narożny did not leave a word of this incident. Intends to take legal action.

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Defamatory behavior on VOX FM radio studio. The image of David Narosny was burned

The beautiful and young band sang on VOX FM radio. However, what happened in the studio shortly after leaving the stage completely shocked the audience. Satisfied journalist – Pavel Pavelek, admitted that he knew his jokes and set fire to the mask with the image of Narosny. In the background, you can hear the uncomfortable shouts of “a pig is approaching”. Magda Narosna responded to what he saw with a loud laugh.

Two years have passed and I will not say where this lesson is somewhere deep. If you want to continue this topic today, I decided to call this man and talk to him about him – said the singer.

Netizens are outraged by the behavior of journalists. Criticisms were hurled at the speakers in the comments. As the audience rightly pointed out, such situations should not take place, and it seemed to provoke hatred.

Slightly weaker. Mr. Burning the picture of David and the text about the pig.

Well, adults, and behavior review below. Due to the lack of culture, it is very bad for my daughter to see it.

How can you publicly insult and incite hatred? Zero Professional – We study.

David Narosny commented on the situation at VOX FM Studios

The singer did not take much time to react. On InstaStories David admitted that he did not understand the purpose of burning his image.

On the VOX FM radio show, I was invited to the group in a very elegant and annoying way by my former friends from the band Piękna i Młodzi, in which I could not understand why my appearance burned. I do not understand why such therapies are used in an intensive program run by serious individuals. (…) Burning someone’s image in the air to get more publicity is really very weak, unpleasant and inappropriate – he started.

Dawid Narożny himself contacted a lawyer and announced that he would bring to justice the journalists who had humiliated him in the air.

For team lead and preparation, I hope some effects will be drawn (…) On Monday I will report to a lawyer and see what to do in this situation. This is an act that defames my image.

We contacted the singer and asked for feedback. In response, he admitted that in his opinion, the whole situation was aimed at increasing the audience of the show by burning the mask.

I think they want more audience – he replied.

We also wrote to Magdalena Narożna and Paweł Pawelec, but we still have no answer.

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