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Destiny 2 - Bungie introduces a controversial dungeon sales model

Destiny 2 – Bungie introduces a controversial dungeon sales model

October 20, 2021, 19:36

?? Drama?? In the Destiny 2 community, due to Bungie’s belittling, players felt cheated by the distribution model for the two new dungeons in the game.


  1. Previously promised by Bungie, two new dungeons in Fate 2 It will only be available in a more expensive version of the new expansion or ?? As a separate purchase.
  2. However, the main cause of confusion is not the additional fees for content, but the poor communication of information to players.

Rozpeta³a Super Storm Destiny 2’s later chapters content is not included. Bungie Studio announced in AugustStarting in December, players will be hand-delivered At least one dungeon or raid every three months. As it was announced at the time Two new dungeonsWhich players initially thought would be added during the fifth year of game support as additional content from which? with the seasons. It turns out, however, that the authors had different plans regarding this content.

Destiny 2 players' controversial DLC sales model - Illustration #1

They announced that if players wanted to access the upcoming dungeons, they would have to purchase a higher version at twice the cost of the base version luxury digital Królowa-Wied Expansion ?? ma, which will debut in February. At this point, much confusion broke out among the title holders, with fans speculating that as the season went on, they would gain access to new dungeons. The studio also advised that it would be possible to obtain the content separately, but it was not made clear how and when.

Some doubts were dispelled by Bungie’s community manager, Cozmo23, in a comment below fasting on reddit. Confirmed that pigs will be included in the edition luxury digital From the aforementioned expansion, which also includes all of the following year’s chapters and two dungeons. It will also be possible to upgrade a standard version to a version DeluxePlus a separate purchase later. Unfortunately, it was also announced that future content of this type will also not be available in Season Passes, but as a separate purchase path.

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