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Diablo Immortal gets terrible reviews, but it attracts players and makes a fortune

Diablo Immortal gets terrible reviews, but it attracts players and makes a fortune

Diablo Immortal has been criticized for the micropayment system that Blizzard wants to push against players. However, despite the low ratings, the game attracted crowds of people and earned a fortune.

Diablo Immortal remains one of the worst-rated games on Metacritic, alongside Blizzard’s other games, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and Warcraft III: Reforged. In the case of Diablo Immortal, the controversy was caused by micropayments, which the developers suggested intrusively. Otherwise how do we explain the fact that we have to spend a lot of time or spend up to $110,000 to reach the maximum level of experience. Fire fuels hidden limits for free users, limiting the number of legendary airdrops. Interestingly enough, hampered progress and small payments did not contribute to the defeat of the new Diablo, and the game itself was a huge success.

Diablo Immortal generated $24 million in revenue in two weeks.

According to data cited by Pocket Gamer (via Videogameschronicle), Diablo Immortal generated $24 million in revenue within two weeks of its debut, making it the second highest-grossing mobile production, ahead of Hearthstone. Most of the money in Diablo Immortal is put in by players from the US (43%) and this is where the production is most popular (26%). South Korea came second on the list (23% of revenue and 11% of downloads), while Japan closed the platform (8% and 8%). 17% of revenue comes from other markets. The total number of downloads was 5,000,000. How did Diablo Immortal get such low ratings on Metacritic?

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Immortal Diablo Blizzard records a hat trick! Average rating for the last three games is 0.53/10

Well, remember that Metacritic does not check if a player has played the game. So we can deal with the intentional lowering of the average rating, although these are just assumptions, although they are possible. Diablo Immortal was released on June 2 for iOS, Android, and PC. Originally, production was only for mobile platforms, but after some time, Blizzard decided to make a PC version. Have you played Diablo Immortal? Share your feelings in the comments.

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