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Czarny i czerwony DualSense na zdjęciu

Sony video explaining why the painting is so cool

A video about the principles of DualSense technology appeared on the PlayStation Access channel on YouTube.

DualSense is a controller that will revolutionize the gaming experience. It’s great to feel raindrops or the track surface on your skin. Many people may be wondering how it works. Sony has released a video in which SIE Product Manager Toshimasa Aoki and Insomniac Games Chief Designer Mike Daly attempts to explain the mechanics of the console.

As Toshi Aoki says, DualSense designers meant Blur the line between the player and the virtual world. The recipient must feel that it is not raining, but the game. Two components are responsible for the innovative operation of the equipment: tactile and adaptive stimuli.

A realistic sensory experience in the pillow is produced by a servo with a moving core coil. Toshi Aoki compares the technology to a surface-vibrating speaker based on sound type and volume. As with sound waves, the touch experience also varies in intensity and type in DualSense.

However, when it comes to the second revolutionary function, i.e. adaptive stimuli, it is an entirely different story. There are two types of motors in DualSense that drive the triggers – and how you drive the controller depends on the game in question. Depending on the production specifics, we feel the L2 and R2 as a pulled rope, a pistol trigger or an extended crossbow.

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