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iPhone 13 battery specifications premiere

According to the ZDNet website, citing its anonymous sources, Apple finally intends to solve the problem that users of current versions of iPhones often complain about, namely, the capacity and life of the battery.

The most significant leap is presented by the most advanced model of the new iPhones line, that is, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The battery used in it has a capacity of 4,352 mAh compared to 3,687 mAh in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The battery capacity in the Professional and Standard versions will increase a little less, but also significantly: from 2815 mAh to 3095 mAh. Apple doesn’t intend to omit the Mini here, offering an increase in battery capacity from 2,227 mAh to 2,406 mAh.

In combination with the new A15 processor, which, according to previous leaks, will save 15-20 percent. Low power consumption, this could result in an iPhone line with the longest runtime on a single charge in the history of Apple smartphones.

The premiere of the iPhone 13 line is expected to take place in September this year.

In the most recent fiscal quarter, Apple had a 36 percent increase in net sales. to $81.43 billion, and its net profit rose from $11.25 to $21.74 billion. iPhone sales are up 50% and Chinese revenue is up 58%.

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