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FIFA 22: Lots of news in Career Mode.  Is this year for fans of the famous game mode?

FIFA 22: Lots of news in Career Mode. Is this year for fans of the famous game mode?

EA Sports has announced major changes to the Career Mode in the latest installment of the FIFA series of games. Applicable to both the profession of a manager and a football player.

Career status in FIFA has been on the rise for years. It used to be used to provide the greatest entertainment for fans of the game, but later it was more and more neglected by EA Sports, which instead focused on developing the “golden egg-laying hen”, i.e. FIFA Ultimate Team. Many of the actions players love have been pulled from the mode, and subsequent additions aren’t entirely satisfactory.

However, from year to year, it can be seen that the studio is trying to cater to players who are more interested in single players than in online play. Therefore, the career situation, albeit aching, slowly began to return to preference. With the FIFA 22 premiere just around the corner, EA Sport has announced to fans what to expect this time around.

Director’s profession

The biggest novelty that fans will encounter is the possibility of creating their own club. It is true that this option was already available in the old FIFA, but now it is back in the salons in a completely new version. When we decide to create a new club, we will be able to pay attention to the smallest details. In this mode, we will be able to create our own coat of arms, costumes, and even modify our stadium according to our preferences. The latter option will also apply to the rest of the crews, but excluding those who have licensed objects in the game.

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It will depend on the player in which league he starts, and what the budget and ambitions are. Building a warehouse will be very interesting. In the game, we will receive generated players, but most importantly, they will not be completely random players. Our first team has to be based on the entire league we want to play in, for example – if seven percent of the French play in the Premier League, we’ll also have a seven percent chance of having a French team in our country. Team.

The expectations of the board, which has everything planned for the long-term, will be changing. If we have the worst team in the league, the club will need to move away from us, but in a few seasons our ambitions will increase, so we constantly need to improve. And there is something to struggle for, because in the fight for realism, the newly created UEFA Conference League will be added to the game.

player career

However, the singles player’s career has received the most attention. As in previous years, we will be able to choose a player we made ourselves or one of the players on real pitches. The main change will be what the players have been asking for for years – we will finally be able to get our player off the bench. The system of relations with the manager, whom we will have to constantly impress in order to preserve his place in the composition, will be expanded. In smaller clubs we will get a margin of error, in big teams it is better to be careful, because it is easy to lose your place in the team.

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If we do not meet the expectations set in us, the club may decide to sell or rent us. New special scenes will allow us to better understand the atmosphere of the dressing room after the match or in transfer negotiations.

An interesting option will be the so-called “perks”, already known to FIFA players from some modes. It consists in the fact that, in the right circumstances, we will be informed that at a certain moment the player feels better, for example in long shots. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity to achieve a goal, because later the hypothetical player may not have this certainty.

EA Sports has tried to make sure the game really lives its life. Commentators must respond to various events, even in relation to the newly created club. Likewise with the fans, who will be able to earn respect by being the best player or playing for a long time. Then, before important matches, we can see our photo on fan frames.

Sure, there will be many things to change in the career mode, but as with every year, it is hoped that the changes this time around will also make the game attractive to those who are not only interested in playing online. The return of old features and long-awaited additions, such as the ability to enter the field from the bench with your player, will definitely add color to the game. EA Sports is sure at least trying to keep up with the ideas of fans who have long called for major changes in their career styles.

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