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PS VR 2 won't appear for PS5 until the end of 2022

PS VR 2 won’t appear for PS5 until the end of 2022

The protective glasses will use Samsung screens.

  • PS VR 2 is set to debut during the 2022 holiday season
  • The device will use OLED screens

PS VR 2, the successor to Sony’s virtual reality glasses, will appear at the end of 2022 – according to unconfirmed news.

Yeah Information Featured in a Bloomberg article, the PlayStation manufacturer’s VR gear was a side story. According to the site’s sources, the device will go on sale in the festive season next year.

So far, only PS VR 2 consoles have been introduced

The portal journalist also confirms that the PS VR 2 will use OLED screens, similar to the first prototype of goggles. The screens are allegedly provided by Samsung again.

Not many official details about the device have been revealed yet. Sony promises a huge leap?? Power and interaction, thanks to which players will have a greater sense of being in virtual worlds.

The PS VR 2 will offer higher resolution and a higher field of view than the previous model, as well as improved motion detection. The goggles will work with the PS5, and the controller attached to the device will use the DualSense board functionality.

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