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Diana Ross, the queen of disco is back


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C Ruggeri, Y Moix, H Pozo, A Lopez – France 2

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Diana Ross, 77, will be releasing a new album on Friday, November 5th. This is the opportunity to take a look at the wonderful career of a music icon, but not only.

Diana Ross, nicknamed the disco singer, will return to the front of the stage at the end of 2021. Sixteen years after the release of her last album. A tribute she presents to her fans with 13 songs and to celebrate 50 years of the career of a woman with many lives. From a young age, the artist trained to sing, especially with her neighbours, which allowed her to meet the leaders of Motown. After a few years, she successfully meets. With her band, The Supremes, she has stepped forward before becoming a solo artist and pursuing a breathtaking career.

Strikes multiply as they conquer the world, starting with sensitive areas of the United States. On stage, she highlights her glamorous side and brings it to perfection through various sensual and extravagant outfits. “She dares everything”, adds Sophie de Champsvin, editor-in-chief of Paris Modes magazine. In 1980, she changed her style and adopted simpler fashion. But everything remains the same as a music and fashion icon. The actress, mother of a family, and entrepreneur, she adopts many hats with great success.

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