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differences? AWZ-Sam denounced against the station after leaving

What is the real reason behind the end of his series? It was just announced that Sam Eisenstein, 48, will be stepping down from his role as Marian Ozturk in Alice after 15 years. It’s been a part of RTL Daily since the first episode. The broadcaster has now stated in a statement that the content needs to be reset. But now I answered Sam To speak up and confront the broadcaster with serious allegations.

like the performer in Instagram He stated that a press release regarding his exit from the EEZ was published, which also included a quote from him. In it, he thanked him for the wonderful time he had with the series and especially paid tribute to the “many wonderful colleagues” and fan support. But he also hit some serious tunes. “If there are and still are disagreements with some of those jointly responsible for the production, I am sorry for that, but my gratitude for the countless beautiful moments cannot be tarnished.”, You have Sam It is assumed that it is written. However, this version of the press release was deleted just two hours after it was published. Instead, the broadcaster sent a new variant – without permission from Sam.

“It is clear that the people responsible for the UFA mentioned in it did not quite fit with my statement.”He is suspected of being 48 years old. “What’s wrong with that? Why do they want to censor it? You can certainly give yourselves the answer,” he explained. Sam Continue.

Sam Eisenstein, November 2021

Instagram / sam_eisenstein

Sam Eisenstein in Cologne in November 2020
Sam Eisenstein in May 2019