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Dinamarca (V) sees the Left Party’s electoral strategy

The Left Party’s investments in mining areas and the petroleum tax were a fiasco.

This is the view of former Member of Parliament Rosana Dinamarca (fifth), who is highly critical of the party’s electoral strategy.

– They wanted to talk to “Roy and Roger på macken” but they totally failed.

Despite the strong opinion numbers before the elections fell left side Finally in the red – from 8.0% in 2018 to 6.75% in 2022.

Former MP Rosana Dinamarca sees the party’s electoral strategy.

The Left Party made a very poor choice. Given the circumstances and the political climate, Dinamarca says on Aftonbladet TV that the numbers should have been twice as large.

Rosanna Denmark.
Rosanna Denmark.

Simply wrong thinking.

According to Dinamarca, the party’s attempt to win the factories failed.

– It was simply a mistake. It was assumed from some cartoons of people who live in a mining town, that they don’t care about anti-racism, climate, or feminism.

– Then it got to the point that they wanted to talk to “Roy and Roger på macken” but failed completely because they weren’t interested. We have no credibility in that.

Scammers Roy and Roger, played by Anders Ericsson and Jean Reppi, were the main characters in Galencaparna’s TV series McCain and Aftershave.

Roy and Roger
Roy and Roger

“Running behind white uncles”

The left-wing party’s choice of course on the climate issue provoked strong reactions. Not least the decision to make common cause with the right-wing bloc to cut the fuel tax. Twelve years after the election of climate policy spokesperson Jens Holm to resign In protest of the party’s new climate policy.

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– On climate issues, people wondered if the party had completely lost its compass when they seemed to have no insight into the issues. Dinamarca says, among other things, when they met on the issue of reducing fuel taxes.

It also indicates the party’s sharp swing from no to yes regarding Swedish military support for Ukraine. Dinamarca believes that the growing party in several suburbs is something the party should be aware of.

I think there should be more investment in mobilizing forces there so that very few parties will listen. Everyone goes after their white uncles but forget about the big groups that don’t feel represented, she says.

Leftist leader Noshi Dadgostar.
Leftist leader Noshi Dadgostar.