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Do you convince the bachelor? Irina (29) wants Zeiser to be “unlocked in a classic way”.

As of January 26, 22 women will be fighting for the heart of this year’s Bachelor’s Dominic Stockman (29). One of them is Irina Zeiser from Leipzig.

Irina (29 years old) wants to fight for her bachelor’s degree this year. © RTL

Irina originally comes from Kazakhstan, at the age of six she moved with her parents to the city of trade fairs in Saxony – to which she has remained faithful until now, but has not yet been able to find true love.

The 29-year-old, who has been single for almost a year, said RTL interview.

So far the ‘Bachelor’ post – but what exactly is Irina looking for? As she mentioned, she especially wished she could be “classically beaten,” and she also loved her bright eyes. Perhaps the blue-eyed Dominic should fit perfectly in the scheme of her prey!

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beauty stylistMore than 100,000 Instagram subscribersAdditional description: “I would automatically like the man of my dreams, just like me, who is open to the world and you can still talk to him deeply.” Honesty and ambition are important to her – with lies and narcissism, on the other hand, you can quickly shoot yourself out of control.

According to her own statement, there will definitely not be a fight in the villa with her: “If problems arise, I address the issue and would like to clarify everything directly.”

Irina describes herself as ambitious, creative, chaotic and stubborn. Her greatest wish: one day she would like to emigrate. And the man of your dream must be excited about this vision of the future in order for it to work for you. You can see if there is a radio between her and Dominik as of January 26 (8:15 p.m.) on RTL or a week ago on RTL+.

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