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Doctor Brew will spend 10 PLN on KPH for every hateful comment below a picture of an LGBT+ couple

Doctor Brew will spend 10 PLN on KPH for every hateful comment below a picture of an LGBT+ couple

Several hundred anti-gay comments appeared in Dr. Bro’s post, which depicts a gay couple. The brand decided to turn this situation into a good thing and conveyed PLN 10 per hate campaign against homophobia.

“The Best of Rebellion” is the slogan of Doctor Brew’s recent campaign, which refers to living on your own terms. One of the images used to make the ad shows a gay couple kissing with the caption “When they tell you how to love – you really love. Because love is love.” And it was this photo that sparked a huge controversy on the Web.

“We didn’t want to remain passive.”

under entry Several hundred Dr. Pro comments, most of them hateful. The lighter called for a brand boycott, but there were also much worse sentences being described as hate speech.

Brand representatives say they were surprised by the amount of homophobia in the post. The company did not want to remain passive and decided to transfer PLN 10 to KPH for every unpleasant comment under the entry.

– The overall sci-fi and surprise for us was what we saw in the Wednesday post, all thanks to the photo showing love. Because for us it is just love. Our campaign and the product itself are aimed at everyone, so an eclectic approach to the society in which we live and trying to charm reality is pointless. We wanted to show the people around us and we did. What do we not want? To remain negative for evil in the comments, which is why we made it a good thing. This is how the idea of ​​the action was born, where every hate comment has the opposite effect – it supports the people against whom this hate is directed – sums up Thomas Tchaikovsky, a member of the Board of Directors of Dr. Pro, citing “Nowy Marketing”.

This action also sparked a reaction in the form of a wave of positive comments. “I’ll have the whole package,” “I think I’ll buy it, though I don’t drink beer” – some sounded.

Earlier, such brands as Kubota and Wild Grass, which transferred part of the income obtained from the sale of their products to the organization’s account, entered into a cooperation with KPH.

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