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Donald Trump is moving away from Joe Biden in a new poll

Updated 15.16 | Published at 00.21

Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden in the latest NBC poll.

The lead is now greater than ever.

The poll also reveals what it would take for Biden to win.

With nine months until the presidential election Published by NBC News New opinion numbers on Sunday. Donald Trump has 47 percent support, while Joe Biden remains at 42 percent.

Trump thus expands his lead from the corresponding poll in November, when he received 46% compared to 44% for Biden.

— This is the largest lead Donald Trump has had over Joe Biden in any of NBC's 16 polls since 2019, says NBC political correspondent Steve Kornacki. I'm programming “Meet the Press.”.

The same trend in several places

NBC's November poll was a turnaround. In September, the score was 46-46, and in July, Biden led 49-45.

Sunday's figures are based on interviews with 1,000 people between January 26 and 30. Trump's lead is certainly within the margin of error, but other recent polls confirm the picture that he has tailwinds.

In the latest CNN poll, he leads 49-45, and in Yahoo News he leads 45-44. Biden leads 50-44 in Quinnipiac, but Average value of voter metrics in the past weeks Trump gives 46.7 percent compared to 44.6 for Biden.

Record low confidence

The NBC poll also reveals that voter confidence in the incumbent president has reached an all-time low. Only 37% of respondents believe Biden is “doing a good job.”

This is his lowest number yet, and the worst number NBC has measured for a president since George W. Bush's second term more than 15 years ago.

– To put it in context, Bush did not support this

Re-elected for his second termThe US President can only serve two terms, for a total of eight years. Bush could not have run for re-election in 2008 even if he had wanted to.“, says NBC's Steve Kornacki.

– If we look at the presidents who ran for re-election, we see that Bush's percentage exceeded 50 percent. he won. Obama's approval rating was approximately 50 percent. he won. Four years ago, Trump received 46 percent. He lost.

Straws for Biden

Details of the NBC poll show Trump leading by more than 20 percentage points when respondents answer who can manage the economy better.

On the pressing issue of immigration and law enforcement, his lead is more than 30 percentage points.

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Trump also has a 16 percentage point lead when voters judge who is most “competent and effective” — and a 23 percentage point advantage from the standpoint of “mental and physical health to be president.”

On the other hand, Biden leads by 12 percentage points on the abortion issue and has a 2 percentage point margin against Trump when it comes to “protecting democracy.”

But when it comes to the overarching, crucial question — who will be president — there is a glimmer of hope for Joe Biden in the NBC poll.

When participants were asked who they would vote for if Trump was convicted of a crime before the election, Biden led 45-43.