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Police mocked by fake photo of stalked man |  the world

Police mocked by fake photo of stalked man | the world

Viral fake photo.

picture: Essex Police

Police in Essex County in the United Kingdom recently produced a fake CGI image, called E-fit, which purports to represent a man wanted by police.

“The suspect was said to be wearing blue jeans and a red jacket. If you have any information, surveillance footage, dash cam or other images related to the incident, please contact us. Essex Police writes on website.

The man is suspected of assaulting a man in his 60s in December last year, and police hope the fake image will bring information.

But it didn't really work that way.

The police are mocked

Instead, social media became popular for another reason, he writes Daily Mirror.

Many believe that the fake image – which shows a man with a broad face, a large nose and large lips – resembles a video game character.

“I think I played tennis against that guy.” Someone writes in the field of police commentary Facebook.

“Oh, this reminds me to check my Sims,” writes another.

Another person compares the photo to the character from the video game Roblox.

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