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More and more arrests thanks to international police cooperation

More and more arrests thanks to international police cooperation

International police cooperation is crucial to the police's ability to prevent, combat and control crime.

More and more key actors among Swedish criminal gangs travel abroad, so organized crime with international connections increasingly requires cross-border police cooperation.

Information is exchanged 24/7 thanks to extensive international cooperation that includes, among others, border management, joint criminal investigations, intelligence sharing and joint cross-border efforts. This gives Swedish police a good idea of ​​the extent and patterns of movement of criminal gangs abroad.

Our cooperation with other countries on access to encrypted conversations such as Encrochat and Sky ECC has not only led to significant police successes. It also means that more people are becoming aware of international police cooperation, says Hakan Wall, head of the international unit at the National Police Operations Department.

Through Interpol, Europol, Schengen Area Cooperation and Nordic liaison officers, police have the necessary conditions to combat organized crime even when suspected perpetrators are abroad. When Swedish gang criminals commit crimes, the Swedish police are keen to issue international wanted notices. In this way, many gang criminals were identified and subsequently arrested abroad.

The Police are actively involved in work at European Union level as well as in other international forums to further strengthen the conditions for international police cooperation.


In recent decades, international cooperation of police authorities has evolved from primarily voluntary forms of cooperation to being characterized by increasingly binding EU legislation. In addition, there are international agreements and conventions that enable enhanced cooperation with other countries.

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INTERPOL's mission is to facilitate the exchange of information between member states in the field of combating cross-border crime. The organization is the only organization with the mandate and technical infrastructure to exchange police information globally.

Europol is the European Union's central agency for law enforcement cooperation and constitutes a clearinghouse of information between Member States in criminal investigations. The police agency and other Swedish law enforcement agencies have a joint office at Europol's headquarters in The Hague. It makes it possible to easily cooperate with relevant personnel from the European Union and 20 third countries (including Serbia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America).

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