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Doom 1: Mod for shooter classic ray tracing upgrades

Photo: idSoftware

After “Doom RTX” turned out to be a good fake two years ago, the dad of Doom Doom shooter will be getting real ray tracing support on April 1st of all days. Modern Features Retrofit again takes care of the lively mod scene around the title.

PrBoom: Ray Traced 1.0.1 mod can be downloaded via github can be obtained. In addition to an Nvidia GPU capable of using RTX – AMD products are not supported by mod – a Windows operating system is also required. Modder sultim-t isn’t a first timer: it’s already created a mod that adds ray tracing to the first Serious Sam.

To install, simply unzip the downloaded folder and add the level file from Doom, “Doom.wad”. The mod doesn’t use the original source code, it uses the “PrBoom” source port, as the name says, which makes the classic file executable on Windows and makes many improvements.

Sulim-t shows how great the result looks in a trailer. Compared to the original, the apparent increase in atmosphere is compelling: Doom looks darker and more interesting without having to change the number of pixels or the level of detail of the objects.

With Doom, the still very popular game is being promoted. The game, which essentially created a modern (fast) first-person shooter, benefits from its own source code release and continued interest in an active mod scene. It offers new technical improvements, levels, and mods, some of which greatly modify the gameplay. Even John Romero joined the ranks of the moderates with Siegel.

But even without changes, Doom is still impressive: It’s a fast, no-frills shooter that uses a formula only recently discovered by retro shooters like Dusk or Amid Evil. With ports for every conceivable platform, Doom can now be played anywhere: the long list even includes pocket calculators, Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player, e-book readers, and Samsung refrigerator.

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