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Dope Ebba Bush rejoiced in the dark

I must admit that this government is onto something

Ebba Bush (Kuwaiti Dinar) at the opening of Parliament.

It just rained A few days but I’m already thinking about Count Dracula, even though it’s not time yet.

Every October, I reread Bram Stoker’s book. Like many other horror classics, it’s not very scary, just rather funny. A poor Englishman visiting a castle in Transylvania is gradually driven mad. Finally he saw the Count climbing down a vertical stone wall wearing Hans Clothes were completely lost.

There’s no clear bridge from vampires to our government, except maybe Ulf Kristersson He looks very young for his age. But something is happening in Rosenbad. And just like the events that took place in the castle in the mountains of Transylvania, they are both terrifying and entertaining at the same time.

But I feel just like Ebba Bush. Just solve it

They won the election, and you’d think it would be pure torture for four years, and maybe it will be.

But she has something Madness thrives in darkness.

Like when Ebba Bush realized on Tuesday evening that… will We have “Kurdish foxes” here. “Turkey must give it here, otherwise we will withdraw aid,” she said in an interview with Aftonbladet newspaper. It bears witness to such a complete mental breakdown that it is clear that you cannot threaten to withdraw 80 million kroner to an entire country based on the extradition of one of its citizens.

But I feel Just like Ebba Bush. Just solve it. They found a 13-year-old dead in Hanning, shot. I also want Kurdish foxes here, and it’s good that someone says it openly.

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Last week, ministers seemed less competent than usual. Double negative, I know, but that’s as far as I can go – calling them “more efficient” would have been crossing the line.

Johan Persson invested in vocational training. Mats Persson gave popular high schools more resources. Johnson increased allocations to the armed forces. The government should even make young people resign “so called polishing”.

I know it’s part of my job description to find out what’s so bad about all of this, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

It gets darker Outside, for the first time in a long time, the street lights are on when I’m outside. Everything is so rushed now. Day turns to night before you have time to go out, and green apples turn to rotten insects on the wet grass before you even pick them.

In “Dracula,” the gentlemanly Englishman notices that the number of vampires seems to be getting rosier with each passing day. He himself becomes more hollow-eyed, and his skin is paper thin. It’s no coincidence, of course, that Dracula sucks the life out of him, a few drops every day.

Maybe it’s a fantasy, maybe it’s just a coincidence. But the government has not been so incompetent over the past week.

I just tire myself out more.