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EA and Battlefield 2042 details

Electronic Arts, along with Dice, reported on the most frequently asked questions they received regarding the game.

On June 9, it was announced that Battlefield 2042 had arrived. For the first time, fans were able to delve into All-Out Warfare, one of the game’s three core experiences. After very good reflections of the presentation, the development and production team of the game set out to answer users’ questions. Daniel Berlin, Senior Director of Design for Battlefield 2042, worked with Electronic Arts to try to remove any doubts..

Battlefield 2042 | Specialists, new soldiers in Battlefield 2042

In Battlefield 2042, players will take on the role of specialists, a new type of playable soldier, unheard of in the franchise. will be specialists Equipped with its own unique qualities and specialties, not interchangeable, all with Fully customizable equipment. There will be a total of 10 specialists at launch, but so far, four of them have been marked: Boris, Casper, Falck and Mackay.

Teams in Battlefield 2042 will consist of a maximum of four players. In Conquest and Breakthrough, teams can have more than one unique specialist. The series icons that highlight team (blue) and team (green) will return and will also help distinguish between an allied fighter and an enemy.

Battlefield 2042

The seven new maps for Battlefield 2042

New Battlefield 2042 maps enable new gaming experiences لعب With scale and play options. We will get 128 player capacityEach map is tailored to deliver a unique experience that directly impacts strategy and team.

Battlegrounds contains multiple combat zones defined in a single playing space. This extra space provides more versatility and meaningful vehicle operability. These are the new locations available in the game:

  • orbital: Kourou, French Guiana
  • sand clock: Doha, Qatar
  • kaleidoscope: Songdo, South Korea
  • Shows: Barney Island, Singapore
  • Waste: Alang, India
  • Separation: Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
  • Renovation: Arabian desert, Egypt
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Battlefield 2042

New Battlefield 2042 Vehicles

It will now be easier to own vehicles in Battlefield 2042 And they will be more focused on the team than ever before. As part of the infantry, the effectiveness of work will be reduced on how to reduce damage to team tanks, or how to make it so that everyone can use them more effectively.

Vehicles can be accessed directly through the deployment screen, and the big change is that now Vehicles may be requested when and where required. The car ordering system can be accessed through the tablet interface and will be available to all players.

Battlefield 2042

The importance of AI soldiers in Battlefield 2042

There are three game modes in which AI soldiers participate in Battlefield 2042. They are usually used to fill servers, to facilitate matchmaking for players, or even for games with friends or individuals.

  • Multiple: In these cases, AI soldiers are used to populate the servers, making it easier to complete the matchmaking process. Players will always take precedence over AI when playing in multiplayer mode.
  • cooperative: It allows you to play with friends against AI soldiers.
  • modo individual: To master the level, the best thing you can do is play solo against the AI ​​soldiers.

The truth is that AI soldiers are programmed to play Battlefield 2042 as a human would. However, these soldiers are not designed to be specialists and cannot use attributes or specializations.

There will be an open beta of Battlefield 2042, but there will also be a technical playback test

EA has decided to defer technical play testing to a more advanced point in game development so that users can test the cross-play functionality, this technical gameplay test will not be the full experience to be seen later in the Open Beta or at launch, it will be a development-driven environment with only part of the features Focus on technical performance.

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