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YouTube launches new features for live stream creators

YouTube is adding a number of new features for those who use the game streaming platform.

New features that broadcasters have been enjoying for a long time on Twitch that open up a number of possibilities for direct interaction with their subscribers.

YouTube’s new game streaming features

One of the novelties coming to streaming devices is that they will have the ability to enable chat for subscribers only. So if you want to have more control over your chat or give your subscribers an extra bonus, you can enable this feature during live broadcasts and premieres.

There is an additional option in this function to set the subscription age that users have to participate in the live chat. When this happens, the rest of the audience will see a notification that the chat is activated and how long their engagement should take as well.

Of course, this time period can be changed as many times as you like, so you can set some exceptions or test the most suitable option. On the other hand, live streamers will be able to rely on live polls.

That is, while you are broadcasting, you can create surveys to request users’ choice in real time. And you can finish the survey at any time to show the results in the chat.

The idea is that it is a tool for interacting with the audience during the transmission procedure, so it is only possible to add 2 to 4 options. Of course, it can only be seen during a live broadcast, so it will not be available in a replay of the broadcast.

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And a final function that adds to the Youtube It is the ability for your followers to be able to create clips from their videos or broadcasts. That is, they can select a part of the video and share it with their friends. One detail to keep in mind is that this option is only available to game creators with 1,000 or more subscribers.