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MontanaBlack: Teammates debut leaked – Partner mystery still remains

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In the second edition of the Trymacs Teammates game show, MontanaBlack will be the star guest. But there is now speculation about his team partner.

Update from 07/15/2021: In his live broadcast from July 13 on Twitch, MontanaBlack talks for the first time about his teammates dropping out of Trymacs. The 33-year-old also noted that his Twitch event appearance was leaked. But now, Buxtehude’s live operator is giving his viewers new information, because his intended partner, Memo, won’t be able to compete on the show. The reason for this is that his friend is currently still on vacation in Malta and therefore cannot keep his teammates’ dates. So, Marcel Ayres explained in his live broadcast: “The memo is no longer outlined, that’s obvious. Now someone else is coming.

Noun colleagues
Organizer Ammar and Trimac
Discount MontanaBlack and TBA
event location Hamburg
Followers on Instagram (Teammates) 26,300 followers (standing: 12. July 2021)
gravity 25 July 2021

It has not been announced who will be joining the MontanaBlack team. When a viewer suggests that Knossi or KuchenTV could become the broadcast team’s partner, the infamous villain replies with the words:I want to win this thing, brother.So it seems that these two candidates are also excluded. You’ll only see who eventually competes alongside MontanaBlack against Trymacs and Amar. The 33-year-old community will have to wait until July 27 if the event happens live on Twitch.

MontanaBlack in Teammates: Trymacs and Amar are revolutionizing the Twitch scene with their gaming show

First report from July 12, 2021: Hamburg, Germany On March 27, 2021, the first version of the game show Teammates from Trymacs and Amar took place on Twitch. The two competed against YouTubers inscope21 and unsympathischTV. With the show well received by the community from the start, it soon became clear that there would be a sequel. There was a long debate about who could be the next opponent of the game show organizers. Thanks to a leak from Trymacs livestreamed on Twitch, there’s now clarity. The notorious villain MontanaBlack will compete in his teammates with his friend Memo.

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Teammates’ first live stream, the game show from Amar and Trymacs, went live about five months ago. Format similar to “Goku and Klass vs ProSiebenIt inspires hundreds of thousands of viewers. In the first version, where both inscope21 and unsympathischTV were the opponents, more than 220,000 viewers were tuned in at the same time. With the second release of the game show, those audience numbers will likely be exceeded again. This is because, from all appearances, MontanaBlack will compete with his friend Memo as an opponent.

MontanaBlack on Teammates: Trymacs, of all people, leaks Twitch star appearance

© Instagram: amartv/montanablack (montage)

His bandmates’ first show lasted for seven hours, and in the end Trimack and Amar were victorious as winners. As a result, the organizers collected a prize money of 30 thousand euros – an amount worth fighting for. It also seems that MontanaBlack sees it that way and is now – not just because of the prize money, of course – as a guest star on the game show. The attendance record on Twitch may also falter due to the high profile visit of Marcel Ayres. This was created by the Knossie horror camp – at that time 325,000 spectators were watching at the same time.

MontanaBlack in Teammates: Trymacs accidentally leaks infamous Twitch Badboy performance

On July 4th 2021 there was already a post from @teammates_show Instagram. From this, it turns out that the second edition of the Trymacs game show will take place on July 25, 2021. About a week later, Trymacs accidentally leaked opponents who will appear on the appointed date. In his stream, the streamer from Hamburg visited the website of the EMP sponsor. There is an organized search of the game show for the phrase “colleagues“.

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When Trymacs was searching for his show on the sponsor’s website, a picture of MontanaBlack and his friend Memo, who has also recently been active on YouTube, suddenly appeared. At first, the streamer from Hamburg tried to downplay the leak, but soon noticed in his chat box that many viewers had noticed the bug. When it became clear to him that he could no longer undo the leak because he was in the livestream, Trymacs said: “OK OK OK, so how do we get out of that number?“Disappointed, then addressed the words”Well anyway, thanks a lot to EMPTo the sponsor of the show.

Rubiklistenbild: © Instagram: amartv/montanablack (montage)