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‘Elephant Man’ video: Yan Muix deformed due to allergy, crashes into Pascal Proud’s group

Thursday, June 3, Yan Moix was invited on the set It’s time for the pro, Certainly CNewsto bring up his book Reims. The writer kept his mask to hide his face: “I’m allergic to masks”He explained before wiping a mocking columnist on the show.

Yan Moix has made no secret of his disagreement with the health measures the government has taken since the beginning of the epidemic. He did not stop expressing his (divisive) opinion on the management of the health crisis, but rather called for it “Civil Disobedience” against containment. So when he was an author Reims (Grasset Edition) arrived on set It’s time for the pro, Certainly CNewsOn Thursday, June 3, Pascal Proud was surprised to see him wearing a mask (the host and columnists do not wear during the show). I am allergic to masks I have to keep a mask for aesthetic reasonsJan Moix, stressing the irony, explained: “This means that the only problem I have with Covid so far is I am allergic to what should protect me from this virus. I’m sorry.”

‘It’s really not fun for our guest’: Pascal Proud paraphrased Jerome Bigley

A few minutes later, Pascal Praud called Yann Moix: “Your mask surprises me, it’s terrible.” “I’m sorry, If you take it off, it will surprise you even more. I can’t do that to your viewers.”The writer replied. What is the “curiosity” of the host: “Is it an allergy? Show it.” Yan Muixi did so, revealing his face for a moment. “I put the ointment on. Look, it’s still not very nice.” He was immediately struck by one of the columnists, Jerome Begley, who fired: Elephant, human!“It’s really not fun for our guest.”Paraphrased by Pascal Proud. But Yann Moix seems unaffected: “It’s the only David Lynch movie that I like. On the contrary.”, Reply.

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