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Elon Musk wants to pay a teenager to stop tracking his plane!

Elon Musk wants to pay a teenager to stop tracking his plane!

Autor: AP / Associated Press / East News

Elon Musk is a famous billionaire, but sometimes he is overwhelmed with excessive fame. An entrepreneur just made a lot of money to a teenager who is tracking the location of his private jet online. Immediately after that, a counter-offer appeared: Will the billionaire pay the student 10 times more? It got fun…

The 19-year-old Twitter user has created a bot that regularly tracks, using publicly available data on air traffic. Elon Musk’s plane websiteThen automatically post it to Twitter. The billionaire does not like it very much, but since the Internet user does nothing illegal, Elon decided to settle the matter amicably. The businessman offered to pay the teenager $5,000 to cancel the account and stop tracking his plane.

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Explain your dissatisfaction with your teen’s activities Elon Musk says air traffic law is rudimentary. He held that the coordinates of private machines should not be publicly available because they threaten security and violate privacy.

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Addressing Jack Sweeney, first-time ElonJet account holder, the billionaire wrote:

Can you take it off? This is a security risk

Jack Sweeney was not afraid of the billionaire’s request and wrote:

Yes, I can, but that will cost you a Tesla Model 3. I’m just kidding…unless you’re not

Elon Musk must appreciate a teenager’s sense of humor. It’s very much his style… 🙂

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However, in order not to accuse you of stalking, the owner of the bot explains in one of the tweets:

We track the plane itself, not who’s on it or who’s not.

good point. Everything is according to the law.

Perhaps Elon will have no choice but to buy a new plane …

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