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Activision CEO was aware of and covered up harassment in the company

Activision CEO was aware of and covered up harassment in the company

The Activision Blizzard scandal continues, and more and more horrific facts are emerging. According to the latest report – the CEO of the company learned about the violations in the company and successfully concealed them.

In the context of the ongoing investigation into sexual harassment and employee mistreatment at Activision Blizzard, more information is emerging. According to the latest reports, CEO Bobby Kotick has been aware of the situation in the company for years, but successfully hid this information from leaving the company. Kotick not only reported the crimes of his subordinates to the board of directors, but also protected them.

A comprehensive report on the matter was published on November 16 in the Wall Street Journal. It includes interviews with current and former employees, as well as a review of internal documents such as notes, emails, and organizational requests. The report also included allegations of heavy alcohol consumption at work.

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According to internal company documents, Kotick was aware of the breaches long before the investigation began in 2018. Shortly after the Wall Street Journal published an article, Kotick issued a statement saying that the Wall Street Journal was misleading and gave an inaccurate account of the case through Defamation of him and the management of the company.

We can read in his statement:

Anyone who doubts I’m the friendliest, most inclusive workplace, really appreciates how important that is to me.

In light of the new allegations, a group of Activision, Blizzard and King employees have announced a strike, to demand that Kotik resign from his position and a third party investigating Activision Blizzard’s practices. In turn, the Activision Blizzard board of directors released a statement stating that they remain “confident” regarding Bobby Kotek as the leader.

It’s scary to think of what else will come up before the investigation is complete.

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