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Massive Google Cloud crash causes many apps to stop working |  google |  cloud |  cloud |  fall |  Applications |  Chica

Massive Google Cloud crash causes many apps to stop working | google | cloud | cloud | fall | Applications | Chica

service google browser clouds I had problems that caused many websites around the world to stop working. Applications spotify, Discord, Snapchat, among others, shows down, showing a “404 Error” when trying to access them.

However, it seems that everything has already been resolved, but this reveals the dependence on some of the basic services provided by the Internet and its various applications.

Failures in Akamai, Cloudflare, or Fastrly have caused many internet services to stop working in the past. This time it happened with Google Cloud.

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When the above services started failing on Tuesday, the state of the Google Cloud web service showed a global problem.

“Customers can find 404 errors when accessing web pages,” the company said, while noting there was no workaround, the hypertext portal reported. DownDetector also noted what was happening in various services and applications on the network. Users report errors quickly.

Soon, Google Cloud itself indicated that the problem had already been fixed by its engineers, gradually making the apps return to normal.

The relationship between Google Cloud and applications that fail due to a problem with this Google service is that Google Cloud Networking is one of the pillars of its cloud service, because it combines data centers connected to Google’s physical infrastructure distributed in more than 200 countries with the cloud services demanded by customers.

It is an essential part of Google Cloud that includes capabilities for managing traffic, mirroring, segmentation, and header transformations based on requests and responses.

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