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EM 2021: Surprise Spain fans!  Crazy scenes keep Poland in the championship

EM 2021: Surprise Spain fans! Crazy scenes keep Poland in the championship

EM 2021: Incredible actions keep Poland against Spain in the tournament – fans can’t believe it

These are the eleven stadiums EM

These are the eleven stadiums EM

The 2021 European Championships will be held in eleven different countries and eleven different cities. We will give you all the places.

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What a crazy game between Spain and Poland. In between the expected ball of “Furia Rocha” there were many strange moments on Saturday night.

After balancing a file Poland he has the spanner Excellent opportunities to regain leadership. But the former world and European champion failed on himself – and kept the team around world footballer Robert Lewandowski in the In 2021.

EM 2021: Poland celebrates and must live a shocking moment

For a long time it looked as if the Spaniards were heading for their first win in this tournament with their style of play, which was not attractive to many spectators. Alvaro Morata put the team ahead in the first half.

But then Lewandowski hit. The Bayern Munich star sank his head into the net with a specially designed wing. Introduction to the wild stage of the game. Less than two minutes later, referee Daniele Orsato awarded a penalty to Spain after an extensive video study.

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Gerard Moreno took care of it – and fired the ball into the post. Even worse for Spain: from there the ball bounced back to Morata, who was alone in front of Wojciech Szczesny, who was lying on the ground.

However, the nerves of the Juventus striker failed and he hit the goal. Furthermore it. Ten minutes before the end, the Poles voted completely wrong. After being obstructed by his defender, Chesney initially grabbed the ball.


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Ferran Torres almost scored the goal and expelled the German neighbor from the tournament. A little later, it was Morata again, whose conclusion could be avoided in dire need.

EM 2021: Fans in disbelief about usury opportunities

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Television spectators watched with astonishment what Spain missed in terms of chances in this match in the European Championship. The reactions fluctuated between gallows humor and utter bewilderment. We’ve collected some comments for you:

  • “It’s unbelievable what Spain can’t do for goals.”
  • “How many chances can you give up? Spain: Yes!”
  • Spain is as accurate as the Schalke 04 attack.
  • “Wow, what are the chances of throwing the Spaniards today!”
  • “Honestly how, how, WIEEEEEE????”
  • “Spain, what’s wrong with you guys?”