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Emilio Estefan will be the new manager of Emilio Osorio, son of Nyorca and Juan Osorio

Emilio Estefan will be the new manager of Emilio Osorio, the son of Nyorca and Juan Osorio.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Despite his young age, Emilio Osorio He has become one of Mexico’s favorite TV actors, however, he is about to leave his home country to start a new phase in his career, but now within music; It was the exact product Juan Osorio who confirmed it Your son’s next boss will be none other than Emilio Estefan.

During a recent interview with the media, the producer of “What’s wrong with my family?” He confirmed that his son is about to travel to England to master the English language and devote himself entirely to his studies in music, so as soon as he returns from Merida where he has traveled to visit his mother, they will begin preparations for your trip.

Emilio must get ready, and he is now in Merida with his mother. He returns on the 8th of June and we are preparing his entire trip because I am interested in mastering his EnglishJuan Osorio explained.

In addition, he was surprised when he revealed that they already have an important affinity with the musician and producer. Emilio Estefan, who will be responsible for managing Emilio’s music career, so it is possible that the actor and singer will change his residence to Miami.

“Wherever Mr. Estefan tells him, Emilio will be there, because he will be the new manager of Emilio Osorio.”

Previous from NEORCA MARCOS admit with humbleness He has no problem accepting that he has already done everything in his power to further his son’s career, so it is time for someone with more aptitude in the musical field to help him achieve all his dreams.

You should always have the maturity to accept that there are people who are better than you and can make a person grow. I think I’ve already reached the limit where I drove Emilio and now it’s up to people with experience and great vision to make it growThe proud father added in front of the camera of journalist Eden Doramentz.

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