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End of Internet Explorer.  We know its expiration date

End of Internet Explorer. We know its expiration date

Internet Explorer – part of the disturbing history of the Internet – officially goes down in history. After a year from today, Microsoft will end its services and stop adding them to Windows. However, this does not mean that Internet Explorer web applications will stop working.

Internet Explorer has in many ways been an innovative product that has pushed web development forward many times over. Most of all, it will be remembered as a very unethical tool in fighting competition. Microsoft has been taking advantage of the high demand for Windows to force solutions that are intentionally designed not to work on competing browsers. It was only the Antitrust Office that stopped it, which roughly split Microsoft into several smaller companies.

Its glory days are, to put it mildly, long behind Internet Explorer. He even had a successor – and very successful! In the form of Microsoft Edge browser. However, it is still maintained and maintained – for a very simple reason. The royalty-free solutions mentioned above have resulted in the creation of a lot of applications that are only compatible with Internet Explorer. Some Microsoft customers still rely on IE – forcing the company to constantly maintain their browser.

This does not mean, however, that companies using Internet Explorer applications should be afraid of looking for developers who will rewrite them to a modern platform – although an update is undoubtedly required.

Microsoft states that Edge for Windows includes the Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility Mode feature. When the browser detects an IE-compliant site or application, it will reload it using the Trident internetexplore engine, instead of using the Chromium currently in use.

I’d like to write that I have some warm and nostalgic memories with Internet Explorer – unfortunately I don’t have them. On desktop, since I first got online, it’s been slow, problematic, and prone to malware attacks. By the time Microsoft finally fixed most of its problems around 8.x and 9.x, it was already too late – no one cared, as most of them gave up on IE for the competition long ago.

I admit to only one thing: I miss the Internet Explorer interface for Windows Phone. In my opinion, it was even more convenient than the portable version of Edge. I don’t understand why Microsoft today doesn’t commit to such a good project from the past. Or maybe I just consider it a good project …

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