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Epic Games Store vs Steam - EGS' disguised self-publishing tool

Epic Games Store vs Steam – EGS’ disguised self-publishing tool

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August 19, 2021, 13:53

A system will appear on the Epic Games Store that will allow developers to publish games themselves. PKI What is in the closed beta phase.

The Epic Games Store is known for offering players free games rather than actually selling them, which, among other things, doesn’t go well, as we’ve written about it. over here. Now, however, he has taken a different initiative. Follow me Steam Direct, an affiliate program that allows small developers to add their games to Steam, Epic will create a similar tool. Thanks to this, creators will be able to independently publish their games on the platform. Currently, a closed beta is in progress, and the release date for this system is not known yet.

How will the game deployment process change when the tool is publicly available? As we know, until now to launch the game on the Epic Games Store, The developers had to go through a rather rigorous vetting processWhich was run directly by the people at Epica. Now, with self-publishing tools, these The process will be faster and accessible to everyone interested developer. Closed beta requests can be submitted over here.

Of course, Epic won’t allow every game on its platform, but Only the ones you will comply with systems. They do not contain anything unusual in terms of prohibited content: Games must not contain pornography, discriminate, provoke hatred, be a tool for cheating, etc. Given the current deployment process, based on direct collaboration with Epica staff, we might assume that Rules will be strictly enforcedProtect the store from questionable products. Additionally, multiplayer games must support cross-platform play. You can find all the regulations and frequently asked questions over here.

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Going back to the system itself, or as Epic calls it self-publishing tools, it offers developers not only to release the game itself on the platform, but also Create their own in-store website and design achievements or pricing. This is reminiscent of Steam Direct, which works on a very similar principle. It’s hard to avoid comparing these two platforms.

It’s interesting to see how the idea of ​​publishing on Epic will develop, mainly by looking at it How it turned on Steam. This, with similar guidelines to what’s in games, is full of junk production, so Epic has a chance in this field Independent but slightly better controlled content.