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Mars: Curiosity rover with 360-degree images - Science -

Mars: Curiosity rover with 360-degree images – Science –


Mars curiosity with a sharp panoramic view of the red planet

The Mars probe provides interesting images of the planet.

Foto: Getty Images / MARK GARLICK / Science Photo Library

Updated: 08/19/2021 – 6:03 AM

NASA’s Curiosity Rover provides more images of Mars. The space agency released a 360-degree image.

I’ve been searching for nine years now Curiosity roaming the Mars. Apply now NASA Video showing the red planet in a panoramic view.

Mars: Curiosity delivers exciting images

In 2012, the Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. This should check if there was microbial life when the lakes were present in Gale crater. The Mars probe is currently located between an area rich in clay minerals and an area dominated by salty minerals (sulfates).

In this region, the Curiosity rover captured a 360-degree view of the ocean on July 3, 2021, which has only now been published by NASA. It is a collection of 129 individual images grouped together chronologically.

The Mars rover should find out

How does NASA communicate? mentionedCuriosity is supposed to use the rocks to find out why Mars dries up in the first place, when Mars had water or was wet in the past. Similar changes can also be observed on Earth.

But it’s not just Curiosity’s rover that’s been exploring the Red Planet. The Mars Ingenuity helicopter regularly provides exciting images. Recently, a mineral was discovered on Mars that is still unknown on Earth.

Sources: NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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