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Episode “Na Wspólnej” from December 22. Ilona is afraid to meet Max at the lawyer

“Na Wspólnej” is a Polish drama series broadcast on TVN since January 27, 2003. It is the international format of Fremantle. Its prototype is the German “Unter Uns”, and Krzysztof Krause performed the main piece in the series “Na Wspólnej”. The music was composed by Krzesimir Dębski and Grzegorz Daroń, and the text was written by Andrzej Ignatowski. On September 9, 2008 episode 1000 was broadcast and episode 3000 of the series was shown on January 2, 2020. What will happen in episode 3344?

Ilona (Anna Samusionek) leaves the detoxification center. She was horrified to learn that Maks (Adam Fidusiewicz) wanted to meet her with a lawyer about Wiktor. Zdebeka suspects that her husband will want to take advantage of her addiction and withdraw her parental rights .. Is Max that cruel?!

Przymek (Erik Czechovich) is very nervous – today an important actor in which he and Monica (Karolina Oldinska) are involved. Young Smolny must face defeat – only his beloved gets the role, and the main one. The boy takes out his frustration on her. In the afternoon, while taking the client by taxi, Przymek sees Dagmara (Katarzyna Ucherska) with … a little boy on the street!

The girls’ sexual assessment at Danka’s (Lucina Malik) school stirs mixed feelings. Some are angry, others see nothing wrong with it … What will Zyminska do ?! Meanwhile, Bella (Carolina Matej) has a grudge against Janic (Bartomig Kraszewski) that she hits… Kasia Berg! There is a sharp quarrel between young people!

“Na Wspólnej”. Thanks to a school talk with the police, Mila will finally have peace

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Stars of “Na Wspólnej”

There are many stars on the show. Among the actors of the popular TVN series: Bożena Dykiel, Grażyna Wolszczak, Łukasz Konopka, Małgorzata Socha, Kazimierz Mazur, Anna Korcz, Wojciech Wysocki, Anna Cieślak, Ewa Gawryluk and Marek Kalita.