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Lorient – Paris Saint-Germain (1-1): Paris still keeps games

There is no doubt that the approaching holiday has surrounded us a little. Naively, we went back a little in childhood, to the point of believing in the existence of Santa Claus and thinking that, finally, this Paris would make us happy. What a weakness! If PSG has one advantage on Wednesday night marking the last day of the first leg of Ligue 1 first leg, it is to bring us back to reality. As in real life, it is not enough to write your wishes on a piece of paper to be rewarded at the foot of the tree.

Because it is a pity to say, almost nothing has changed at PSG. There is no team game, no desire, no inspiration. And like last season, there was no victory at Lorient Park. Ten months after Pochettino’s era debut (3-2) at Moustoir, PSG surely were not lost there this time, as they were saved by an unexpected goal from Mauro Icardi at the end of the 19th championship day.

Certainly, the capital club will once again be able to argue, with the voice of Pochettino or one of his comrades, that he remains alone and the undisputed leader of the championship. But no one will be able to deny that this Wednesday once again, it has instilled more doubt in the minds of his already cautious supporters which sent waves of optimism into the second half of the season.

Sixth place in the French League for Messi

As almost every time since the restart, this summer, it’s a no-brainer, without the brilliance that the Argentine coach has provided. No game, no envy, no inspiration, not even pride. This Wednesday, in fact against the penultimate game of the season, the 19th who has scored only two goals in his last eight matches, Paris Saint-Germain almost conceded its second loss in the league.

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No need to announce Lamartine because we have already known for ages, one object is missing and this PSG is being evacuated. But the comment of Kylian Mbappé, Mister More involved in nearly 50% of the Paris goals, is not enough to understand how PSG could develop in such a fog. It’s the Monconduit, his masterful strike at the end of a schoolwork, and his squad that had a Champions League profile.

“Messi is the best player in the world and that will not change,” Mauricio Pochettino confirmed to Canal + before kick-off. What has not changed is the performance of the Ballon d’Or, who failed to put Ligue 1 under her feet, and for the sixth time this season saw a post bringing back her beautiful left-footed shot. Even the return of Ramos, who was finally able to play a second game in a row, would not be enough to cheer him up as he failed to confirm his resume as long as the arm was to play the savior, suffering his first expulsion from Paris. The holiday comes just in time for Paris and Pochettino, who have ten days to think about how to attack 2022 with another profile.

match sheet

Viewers: 16000

Rule: Jeremy Benard

But. Lorient: Monconduit (40). PSG: Icardi (90 + 1)

Warnings. Lorient: Ouattara (43rd) Paris Saint-Germain: Sergio Ramos (81st), Wijnaldum (86th)

excluded. PSG: Sergio Ramos (85e)

Lorient: Nardi – Mendes, Laporte, Jeans, Le Jouve – Le Vie, Abergel (hat), Monconduit, Ouattara – Llorente (Carioca 78), Movie. Login. : bellisser

Paris Saint-Germain: Navas – Hakimi, Marquinhos (hat), Kimpembe, Mendes (Sergio Ramos 46H) – Wijnaldum, Herrera (Yansani 75E), Guy – Messi, Icardi, Di Maria. Login. : Pochettino

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