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Everything you need to know about Z Event 2022

Everything you need to know about Z Event 2022

This may be the first time Streamer Zerator has moved so far behind its schedule. The Z Event, the largest charity event on Twitch (in the world!), returns for its sixth edition, September 9-11, 2022. It was announced by its co-organizer Zerator on its broadcast and then on its social networks.

After raising more than ten million euros for Action Against Hunger last year, this time around it was the GoodPlanet association that Alexander “Dach” and Zerator chose to cash in on publishing donations. 2022. Founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand in 2005, GoodPlanet’s mission is to raise awareness of environmental protection, a new theme for event Z.

It was already somewhat planned, but Zerator also announced that a major charity gala would be held before the official launch of the Z event, on the evening of September 8, at Zenith in Montpellier. With celebrities like Soprano, Bigflo and Oli or the French duo Fuse on board, the party already promises to be even more ambitious than the first experience of the 2021 edition.

New and old actors reunited

As with each edition, guests change and refresh themselves. In the news for the upcoming ones, we can count on the duo Baghera Jones & Horty, player Ava Mind or “Twitter King” Arkunir. On the e-sports front, it is also the return of a champion Trackmany Carl Jr. or access to professional Ceb players (dota 2) and Un33d (TFT).

In his exquisite craftsmanship and without the slightest exaggeration of the facts, it is clear that the social network Twitter reacted at full speed to this new line-up. The absence of RebeuDeter and Amine or even Inoxtag and Michou as well as seniors like Gotaga and Kameto led to ink flow, some even accusing Z Event of new self-esteem or even “racism” – due to reduced race diversity. Billy alias RebeuDeter did not fail to identify the i, showing that everyone was invited and that true “rejects” are rare.

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Kameto for his part, live explained You have more or less “go around” From the event without the slightest problem with the organization itself. others, like Gotaga Or the JDG, they also explained that their calendars did not coincide with this Z event exceptionally early in the year.

Criticism is now inevitable?

“Charitable” is not synonymous with the irreparable thing, especially for the Internet (Twitter). Each year and edition brings its share of critics, more and more as the event grows. Beyond some of the controversies regarding the decision to call some banners With words and ideas questionable, the association’s choice to benefit from Z Event’s donations remains divisive. Thus, GoodPlanet, the association founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, kept the FAQ on Twitter and answered many of the questions.

GoodPlanet responds in a row to what’s possible risk green wash For some “contributing” companies such as TotalEnergies, or even the dubious position of Arthus-Bertrand at the World Cup in Qatar – Which we regret ever since.

The Foundation assures potential future donors that funds were donated It will be drawn accurately Find out exactly where your Z Event donations go. This year, Xerator and his right arm Dash went to the Central African Republic to observe the actions of Action Against Hunger, the beneficiary of the Z 2021 event, and thus see what the donations have enabled them to achieve.

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