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Farming Simulator 22 - Difficulty Level: Differences of your choice •

Farming Simulator 22 – Difficulty Level: Differences of your choice •

New farmer, farm manager, start from scratch.

At the beginning of the game, v farming simulator 22 You have to set the level of difficulty that affects the first hours of fun. On this page you will learn about the available options and how to change the gameplay.

When you start the game, you can choose from three different difficulty levels:

  • new farmer (1) – This is the easy difficulty level, where you start by buying a plot of land and some basic buildings and tools. If you start the game on the Elmcreek map, you will also be able to play the tutorial;
  • farm manager (2) The game was mediocre. Here you start without any land, buildings and equipment, but you have up to 1.5 million euros to get started. This is a good option for anyone who wants to plan their farm from scratch;
  • start from scratch (3) Difficult level, starting with only €500,000. You do not have any equipment, land or buildings, in addition to that the selling prices are reduced. This mode is exclusively for series veterans and those looking for a challenge.

If this is your first contact with Farming Simulator 22, definitely select the New Farmer option. It is much easier to find your way in the game, you don’t need to buy any equipment to cultivate fields and be able to earn money.

Remember that the difficulty level cannot be changed afterwards. However, since there are three save slots in the game, you can start a new adventure and try your hand at an even greater challenge.

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