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kiedy nakładka MIUI 13 nowości co nowego aktualizacja harmonogram lista smartfonów Xiaomi Redmi POCO

MIUI 13 – News, schedule and list of Xiaomi smartphones with update =>

MIUI 13 is a major update to the Xiaomi overlay. The preliminary schedule and the list of smartphones, including the Redmi and POCO brands, that will receive the new software is known. There will also be many new products. Let’s see what’s new in MIUI 13 and which Xiaomi phones will receive the update.

MIUI 13 is a major software update from Xiaomi that is fast approaching. We expect an official announcement next month. What’s new here and what’s the initial timeline and list of smartphones waiting for an update? There will be a lot of news. Let’s see what is already known about the MIUI 13 overlay.

MIUI 13 update will bring a lot of news

With the update to MIUI 13, users of smartphones from Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO can expect a lot of news. Some information about what’s new in the overlay has been leaked to the network previously. We know that the program interface will be simplified and smooth. So working with her was more comfortable and enjoyable than before. There will also be new icons, animations, sound effects, and transitions.

MIUI 13 is also expected to bring many improvements in the area of ​​memory management. The program allows for faster phone booting and smoother operation. Even after several months of use. Lots of code has been rewritten. We also expect improvements including performance, reliability, and overlay stability. By the way, there should be news in the field of improving the privacy of Xiaomi smartphone users.

The table assumes that an overlay is available for these phone models

MIUI 13 will eventually be delivered as an update to over 100 different Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices. However, you have to start somewhere. An early timeline circulating across the web assumes that the software will reach these smartphone models first:

  • Xiaomi 11T i 11T Pro
  • Xiaomi Mix 4
  • It will be Xiaomi Mi 11
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi 10S
  • It will be Redmi K40
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When MIUI 13 overlay News What's the new update Schedule the list of Xiaomi Redmi POCO smartphones

Thus, the update to MIUI 13 will first reach a total of nine different smartphones from Xiaomi and Redmi. Over time, it will be distributed to the next. Their initial list is quite long. You can check them out below.

List of Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO smartphones with update

The upgrade to MIUI 13 can be found on more than 100 models of Xiaomi devices as well as the Redmi and POCO brands. However, let’s remember one thing. The list of smartphones shown below is not official yet. We’ll have to wait for the manufacturer to confirm this, but it’s actually very likely.

When MIUI 13 overlay News What's the new update Schedule the list of Xiaomi Redmi POCO smartphones

MIUI 13 premiere in December

Xiaomi has just announced so far that the official announcement of the MIUI 13 overlay will happen before the end of this year. There are many indications that this will happen in the middle of next month. Perhaps on December 16 to be exact. This date is indicated by the latest rumors regarding the premiere of the 12 series smartphones. Will it really be so, we will see over time.

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