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Siri has revealed the date of the upcoming conference with new Apple products

Apple Car may appear without steering wheel and pedals

Apple is still working on its electric and self-driving car. As reported by Bloomberg, the company intends to implement complete autonomy in it and is very confident that it is designing the car in a way It will not have a steering wheel, Nor the throttle, brake and clutch pedals.

This means that if an Apple Car is built, the passengers They will never have any control over the car It will be left to how it is programmed in the context of the tour. It’s downright daring, not to mention a crazy possibility, as many self-driving cars are still made traditional – that is, using the steering wheel and pedals in an emergency, where the driver can simply “manually” control the car. Removing such things shows Apple’s extraordinary confidence.

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When it comes to issues related to modern mobility, Tesla recently disabled the app. Effect? Drivers of this type of car were simply denied access to cars. In turn, the Porsche Taycan now has two new models – the GTS and the GTS Sport Turismo. New versions of these electric cars will go on sale next year.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the Tech Awards 2021 public poll is underway, in which the best smartphones, TVs, games and other new technologies are selected. There are special prizes for voting!