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DuckDuckGo will prevent you from tracking Android users

DuckDuckGo will prevent you from tracking Android users

DuckDuckGo intends to enhance the security of its software and is releasing an add-on for the software that allows Android users to protect themselves from tracking. It is located around A tool called App Tracking Protection This is a slightly lighter add-on similar to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, which simply gives users the option to opt out of data tracking in certain apps.

It should be noted that application tracking protection is not a separate part of the software – it is built into the DuckDuckGo browser. The company states that the tool is supposed to block all the trackers you find in third-party apps. it will work All the time in the background while using the phone – It will recognize it as soon as a particular app wants to send data to the trackers. DuckDuckGo reports that its tool will identify and protect against new trackers at all times. At the moment, this tool is in beta, but you can sign up for the waiting list for implementation now.

As for browsers, Brave, another privacy-conscious browser, recently got an interesting feature, its own cryptocurrency wallet. The latest Chrome update has also been officially released. This time No. 96, which brings many novelties and improvements to existing functions.

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