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Ferencvárosi TC or SK Slavia Praga rival Legia in the fourth round of st. European Championships

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At 1pm, there was a draw for pairs for the fourth qualifying round of the European League. If Legia Warszawa loses to Dinamo Zagreb in the third round of the league. LM, will face the loser of the duo Ferencvárosi TC/SK Slavia Prague. The matches will be played on August 19 (at home) and August 26 (at home). The winner will advance to the group stage of the Europa League, while the loser will go to the group stage of the Europa League conferences.

Earlier, the draw for the fourth round of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers was held. If the army turns out to be better than the Croatian champion, they will play in the group stage with the winner of the duo FK Crvena zvezda / Sheriff Tiraspol.

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find the forest – 6 minutes ago *

We will take it easy with Dinamo and Crvina and we will be in the middle of the field. We will earn a lot of cabbage, and Dr. will repay. debt, and it will be fine, and we will all be satisfied. and woke up…


Arik – 15 minutes ago *

To be a pro or a realist, that is the question.


Marcus Brand – 35 minutes ago, *

Only LM, LE and LK are consolation cups for losers. If we pull out of LM, whether it’s LE or LK doesn’t matter much. LK will be better for ranking points.


Always loyal fanatics of DC (L) – 46 minutes ago *

Since the Europa League is only 1/16th out of third place in the LM group 🙂
For front CWKS, you are the best in the world, open the gates of the Champions League, because we will not allow any dynamo and stars to beat us! (NS)


Blessed W-wskie Brewery – 35 minutes ago *

@always loyal fanatics of dc(L): there’s no such thing as a cold king at noon 🙂


Lfan – 1 hour ago, *

Well, we have the Central and Eastern European Cup 😉


Magician Cytos – 58 minutes ago, *.68.151

@lvan: a lot of people are laughing at this newly created cup and I would say, let’s wait, we’ll see what it will look is not yet known what games we will play, it will just end. I think some people were surprised to see what The Pearl would play in the Conference League; s)


Lfan – 52 minutes ago, *

Kajtus Czarodziej: When I wrote about the Central and Eastern European Cup, I meant the Legia-Dynamo match and other potential competitors 😉


Magician Cytos – 49 minutes ago, *.68.151

Lfan: Sorry, you’re 200% right! ;About)


Genetic – 1 hour ago, *

Well, we’ll play in the conference league. These gangs are beyond the reach of Legia in the form they presented with Radomiak…


and untie – 1 hour ago, *

Gienek: I totally agree. I estimate that the chances of defeating this duo are lower than those of Dynama and Zvezdi. And these are the minimum, not to mention zero.


the – 57 minutes ago, *

Gienek: Like every year, Legia got a boost…with a newcomer. What does this match have to do with Dynam? Find out what the team played with Slovakia and what it showed with Spain. Watch out, we’ll do it


RuPaul – 1 hour ago, *..

Will Legia qualify for the fourth round of UEFA Champions League qualifiers? 60% yes and 40% no.
Little did I know that almost every voter is a fan of Lech 🙁


– 1 hour ago, *

Robull: Oh man, get down to earth. Little did I know that 60% were still cheated, because after so many Euro Cup blunders and embarrassment in e-flap (like the last in Radom) during Shaggy’s presidency, it’s no surprise that more and more fans (L) are becoming real. Those cheerleaders who can get past anyone, we could have been in Leśny’s times and at a time when we had players five times better in the squad and more ambitious.


Magician Cytos – 1 hour ago, *.68.151

Robull: If those who don’t believe in promoting Legia to the next round are Lech fans for you, what would you call all those players who in recent years have worn the Legia shirt and been eliminated in the playoffs with teams from: Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Luxembourg or Azerbaijan???


Mayo – 1 hour ago, *

Both teams are very strong now, definitely stronger than Legia. I think Dynamo is likely to pass in the third round of elections. LM from here…


jinx – 1 hour ago, *

Good that it is not radiumak


haha – 1 hour ago, *

Jinx: xD


give yourself 200% – 1 hour ago, *

Haha it turns out he will be a stronger opponent in the fourth round of El.LE than he is in LM because both Frenencvaros and Slavia are very good teams… Crvena and Sheriff are totally in the range. The most difficult opponent now is Dynamo. Hook your ass, play 200%, bite the grass, go* up 0-0 and 1-0 with us and downhill. Try your best, gentlemen, the most important match now!!!!

you can do !!!! 🙂


It’s all clear – 1 hour ago, *

So we stay in the conference league. At least everything is known, you can focus on the league even the matches in the LK group because Dynamo, Ferencvarusi / Slavia are out of reach of our players.


(L) omża (L) – 1 hour ago, *

Theoretically, we came across two Hungarians! Do they agree with Silesia?


culture – 1 hour ago, *.235.110

@(L)Łomża(L): Yes, it was officially named a week ago, the setting in Budapest was approved by a large delegation of Silesian fans

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