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Florentino stork waiting in nest – state forests

The bird, known to internet users last year, appeared in the nest on April 3. We are still waiting for the girl – Fermina (the names of the adult storks refer to the heroes of the book “Love in the Time of Blake” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and were provided at the request of Internet users).

Additional information on the project and the spread from the nest

Black storks (Sigonia nigra) A few who live in the jungles of Poland. Even in the early 19th and 20th centuries, there were very few black storks in Poland. In 1966, the total number was estimated at 500-530 breeding pairs. In the years 1981-1982, 800-900 pairs were counted. Thanks to conservation, the efforts of foresters, scientists and nature lovers have saved suitable nesting conditions and created for them.

Currently, there are an estimated 1400-1600 pairs of black storks in Poland. Up to 90 percent of the population lives in the lowlands and highlands, and the rest in the Carpathians and Sudetes. The area of ​​Poland is at the center of the geographical range of this species in Europe, with about 25% of them nesting in the country. Its population within the borders of the European Union.

Black Storks Online, an educational program implemented since 2016, aims to reveal the secrets of the species’ life. The online exchange from the nest of black storks is a joint project Regional Directorate of State Forests in Indź and the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Protection of źdŁó University. The project has two stages – the young departure from the arrival of the adult stork pair from the first nest, and the second observation of the further fate of the storks thanks to the GPS transmitters.

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