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He was fit with a package from Australia to England.  Now he is looking for people to help him

He was fit with a package from Australia to England. Now he is looking for people to help him

At 19, Brian Robson Participated in the immigration programThanks to his travels to Australia, he – along with other Britons – became an employee of the Victorian Railway. Unfortunately, as it has changed, the decision to go to the other end of the world was very urgent. Britain He soon missed his home and was determined to return to it. However, the breach of contract would have come with an obligation to reimburse travel expenses, and Brian could not afford it. He earned only £ 30 a month, costing $ 800 to travel.

Desperate Britain Decided to hide in the box and send by air mail to England and more specifically to London. He asked two co-workers from work – Paul and John to help with the project. It is true that he persuaded them for a week, but in the end they agreed. Except for Brian, they fit in the wooden box Suitcase, pillow and two bottles (One with water, the other is empty, which should be used as a toilet).

Male He hoped to get home quickly on a direct flightBut it is different. First, Betty moved from Melbourne to Sydney, where She stood upside down for almost a day Thus, Brian suffered a severe headache and left. After another flight, the parcel was sent to the warehouse. Britain He knew he was already in LondonSo he reached for the incandescent lamp he had in his luggage, but he could not hold it in his hand and it collided with the bottom of his chest.

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The noise immediately caught the attention of the warehouse staff. One of them looked inside the box through the opening of the knot and saw a man inside. As a result, the person was hospitalized first, and then He was sent home on a passenger plane.

Photo: Julian Wasser / The Life Images Collection / Getty Images

Brian’s hidden chest

Today Britain regrets losing contact with the allies who helped it escape. After returning He wrote them a letter, but got no replyNow he only remembers their names. “If I meet them again, I want to apologize for including them. When I get back I tell them I missed them. I want to buy them a drink,” he said.

Your Brian Robson wrote memoirs in a book “The Great Escape” will be out in late April.