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Football – YB tied in injury time


Against Cluj in the third round of qualifying for the Champions League, Bernese scored 1-1 in the 93rd minute through Vincent Ciero. They are working fine.

Ngamelio and Young Boys narrowly escaped at Cluj.

Fresh Fox

How do we recover from the start of a game like the one we saw on Tuesday night between Young Boys and CFR Cluj? As part of this third qualifying round to enter the Champions League group stage, the Romanians opened the scoring after just 184 seconds of play, with a free kick converted by Christian Mania. Not sure, plus the attacker wasn’t in an offside position. But at this point in the competition, UEFA does not recommend video-assisted video assistance.

1 goal after 184 seconds

So the residents of Bern were cooled. To this question of how they recover, the answer is very good. They managed to create two big chances in the first half. Mishak Elia, with a miss by the opponent, almost deceived the Cluj goalkeeper (34), but it was … Cristian Mania who intervened at the last moment to steal the ball from him.

In the second half, Young Boys cornered the ball, leaving the Roman camp very little. But ironically, gatekeeper Giedrios Arloskis is rarely called up. Coach David Wagner does not appear to have had his finishing issues resolved.

Under these circumstances, and in front of their fans, Al-Aqeeq is still trying to double the end of the game, especially on the counter-attack.

Win training with Sirro

But not counting a double fact of play: Vincent Ciero’s 84th minute entry and the referee’s strange idea to add eight minutes of stopping play, for a match that isn’t worth much. In the 93rd minute, Valesan managed to put the ball behind with a 1-1 goal after a free kick was returned by the Romanian goalkeeper. Visitors are doing well.

So CFR Cluj cursed the people of Bern. He already had to face a huge disappointment on December 10, 2020 in Bern. YB won 2-1, and at the same time qualified for the round of 16 of the European League, thanks to two goals scored … in injury time.

Next week, despite the busy schedule, the champions of Switzerland will have the opportunity to pass the shoulder at home. This draw puts them in a very good position. On the nerves of their fans, it would be nice if they didn’t wait for these famous stops to make a difference again.

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