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Sochi World Cup 2021. Jan Krzysztof Duda – Magnus Carlsen, match score and report – chess

After the classic matches were tied 1-1, in the overtime session on Tuesday, the first game (speed 25 minutes plus 10 seconds) ended in a draw after 33 moves.

In the second, the best Polish chess player in black won against the most successful great captain in recent years.

“Carlsen felt respected”

Topping the rankings for more than a decade, Carlsen, 30, declared his defeat after 74 moves.

– Junk did very well in the classic games and could have been a positive. Because he competed with Magnus on an equal footing, he dictated the terms, and tried to defeat him. It was clear that he was not afraid. You can also see that the world champion felt some respect for him, which was great news. These observations have been confirmed. Janek just wanted to win. He didn’t sit on the chessboard to play, fight, he just came to get his own way and it finally paid off. The pressure on the world champion yielded results – great professor Matthew Bartel commented.

Source: Imago Jan Krzysztof Duda defeated Norwegian world champion Magnus Carlsen after extra time

After a tie in the first extra time, in which he was white, Carlsen’s chances looked a little better. On the other hand, Jannik quickly equalized with the Lions, the chances were more or less than half and half, but the Norwegian, under pressure from his opponent, began to make a mistake. Then we saw a lot of twists and turns. In the end it seemed Duda would surely win, in a moment that Carlsen surely draws. Both had little time, there were many errors that accompany such situations. In the end, the Norwegian was the last to make a mistake – the four-time Polish champion added.


Jan Krzysztof Duda about his idol

Video: Eurosport Jan Krzysztof Duda about his idol

National Chess Day

As he assessed, for Polish chess, the success of Duda is a historic event.

Three birds with one stone. The Pole has never played in a World Cup final, has never played a pretender in a tournament, and has never defeated the current world champion in a match, even if it’s a double match. Many citizens are sad that volleyball players lost in the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, but for Polish chess players, this event – I think – will remain in the memory forever. Bartell admitted that if chess players could establish a national holiday, it would be August 3.

Once again, Duda became the center of attention in the chess world due to his rivalry with Carlsen. The first was his victory on October 10 last year during the Norwegian Chess Championship in Stavanger in his region, which was the first defeat of the world champion after two years, two months, 10 days and … 125 games without a loss. Now the pole deprived the “Chess King” of the opportunity to achieve the first victory in the World Cup in his successful career.

Duda defeats “Mozart’s Chess”

The victory, which gives Grandmaster Duda a promotion to the Candidates Championship, is a historic event in Polish sport. For the first time, the pole will have a real opportunity to compete for the world championship. The rivalry with Magnus Carlsen was at the highest athletic level. Looking from the perspective of all four games, the Pole was better and on Monday he was on the verge of breaking the opponent’s defense. What he did in the second game of overtime showed that we have a genius in the country in chess – said Adam Dzunkowski, Vice President of the Central European Region at FIDE, and a member of the Jan-Krzysztof Duda team.

– Playing in black, he defeated “Mozart of Chess” strategically and tactically but also psychologically. Also his coach – Grand Master Kamel Mito did a great job, because preparing for the first time was great. Let’s remember that Carlsen, who never won the World Cup, came to Sochi with great motivation – he added.

The first two places in the Open World Cup, won by Duda and Karjakin, award qualification to next year’s Nominee Tournament and a prize money of $110 and $80,000.


Jan Krzysztof Duda about training

Video: Eurosport Jan Krzysztof Duda about training

Older discount again

In the final, whose first match is scheduled for Wednesday, 23-year-old Duda (seeded 2738, 18th FIDE) will face a representative eight years older than hosts Karjakin (2757, 14th FIDE), who defeated fellow countryman Vladimir Fedoseev 1 in half Second Final .5: 0.5. The Russian was in 2016 Carlsen’s opponent in the World Championship match. In New York, the Norwegian won 9: 7.

Now Carlsen will play Fedoseyev in the match for third place.

The World Cup in the classic format with chess boards is held in one of the sports and entertainment complexes in the mountain resort of Krasna Polana, 40 kilometers from Sochi, where the alpine and cross-country skiing competitions were held during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The event is played in a knockout system. Matches consist of two classic games, in the event of a tie on the third day, overtime is played in a shorter playing time.


Jan Krzysztof Duda about his beginnings in chess

Video: Eurosport Jan Krzysztof Duda about his beginnings in chess

Author: Srogi
Source:, PAP

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