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Forest fire at Brunnsbo in Hisingen

Forest fire at Brunnsbo in Hisingen

Emergency services were alerted to a fire in Bronsbo just before 8pm on Saturday night. The fire is burning at a height, and the emergency services are on site and have begun work to extinguish the fires.

– It’s a ground fire, we’re on the scene and pulling a hose. Fredrik Ostlund of the rescue service says it is a bit difficult to get to the exact location of the fire.

Can you say anything about the extent of the fire?

– No, not at the moment.

Jerker Landen, Rescue Leader of the Greater Gothenburg Rescue Service. Photo: Mia Hoglund

According to the rescue leader, Jerker Landen, the rescue service had to work hard to get to the fire.

– can’t be reached and they did a great job getting the hose out. We currently called fire, but we don’t feel safe about it because it’s very windy up there and sticking in many directions, like it says around 10pm.

How was it working out there in the woods?

The terrain is difficult. There are steep slopes and very mountainous. In any case, we are there, but we will have to hold out here for a while, says Jerker Landen.

Police are on site to assist the emergency services if needed, says Duty Officer Anders Weinergren from Police Western District:

– There are some properties nearby, and if the fire spreads, the emergency services want us to be there.

According to the rescue commander, Gerker Landen, no one should have been evacuated.

No, not to my knowledge. We may have had to tell a couple of nosy people to get out of there, but other than that there were no major problems.

It stays on overnight

At 23.15 the rescue service was still present and put out the fire.

“They are still there and they will be there during the night,” says Lydia Bradaryk, an alert and line operator with the rescue service.

The assessment is that there is no risk of spreading to nearby properties.

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