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Frank Zander has to vacate his apartment after 54 years

BerlinFrank Zander fought for a long time and lost at the moment: according to media reports, the Berlin singer has to leave his apartment on October 31. This was decided by the Charlottenburg District Court. First, Bild newspaper published the verdict. She added that the new home owner from Munich had won the eviction lawsuit in the first place. But the 79-year-old doesn’t want to give up yet. Because the ruling is not final yet.

Compared with the BZ Zander said: “I do not understand this ruling. I cannot accept it. I have lived here with my wife for 54 years. I do not want to lose my house. Accordingly, the owner wants Zander to vacate the apartment on the fourth floor on Witzlebenstrasse after termination. Another, the artist demanded to repay the overpaid rent.

The background to the dispute is said to have been construction work on the house two years ago. When the new owner was expanding the attic, which Zander also used, the roof suddenly collapsed. Shrapnel destroyed Xander’s apartment, her furniture, and her utensils. When the singer announced with her, the fronts hardened. On a talk show, the singer said: “Those assholes from Munich…”. As a result, the apartment was handed over to him. He has not moved since.

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