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French farmers clashed with police ahead of Macron's speech

The president was present at the exhibition to meet with farmers' union leaders and open the event, which will continue until the end of next week. By early Saturday morning, angry farmers gathered outside the fair gates and tried to enter the building and confront Macron.

Riot police tried to contain the large crowd.

Photo: Ludovic Marin/AP

Many people were arrested by riot police. The scheduled opening was postponed, but in the end President Macron was able to give his opening remarks, while a wall of police separated the demonstrators from other visitors.

– We have a reliable French model, which means we can put food on the table for the French, Macron said in his speech as the crowd chanted and demanded his resignation, according to reports. Parisian.

Before the exhibition, it was happening Protests in several places in France. Farmers in the country went out on Friday with their tractors, closed roads and dumped fertilizer in protest against government policies that are said to be harming French agriculture.

French farmers faced off against Emmanuel Macron on Saturday.

Photo: Eric Chain/TT

The protests have been continuing for several weeks and have also spread to other countries, such as Spain and Belgium.

After Emmanuel Macron's speech, a debate took place in which the president had to answer questions and criticisms raised by representatives of the demonstrators. He said at the time that many of the simple solutions proposed, such as closing borders to limit competition, would lead to problems in the long term.

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